Kubernetes Operations Console

We need a framework using which we can build and manage a Kuberentes Cluster.

When it comes to building a Kubernetes cluster, Kos Console provides you templates to choose from.

Running a Kuberentes application(small, mid or big) there are lots of things that you need to know before migrating application to Kubernetes but if you are using Kos Console you just need to run functions provided in Kos Console and rest of the important things are already taken care based on industry/community best practice.

Kos Console helps interact with Kuberentes Cluster by just selecting various functionality already integrated to it and when you build something new(in any programming language) it is a matter of a few steps to integrate them with Kos Console.

Kos Console helps to run databases on kuberenetes and saving you a lot of money compare to databases as service in cloud. Kos Console custom database configurations that are based on your application type/size that you want to run on Kuberentes.

Kos Console provides you real time view of open source products releases running in your environment and that means you don’t need to research on what the community is thinking as a best practice for the products you are using in your Kuberentes Cluster.

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