AWS and GCE both great! Some more powerful configuration of load balancing puts GCE over the top…

I work with Hadoop so I come across or sometimes management ask me a common question, “Why we need Hadoop in cloud” and to answer this question I keep my bold points ready like below…

  • Cloud is your data center, No need to deal with reliability & scaling issues.
  • Pay What You Need.
  • Deployed in Minutes.
  • Cloud storage enables economic flexibility, scale, and rich features.
  • Size clusters independent of storage needs and price continues decreasing.
  • Geo-Redundancy allows for business continuity/disaster recovery planning.

Now they move forward to ask me a detail comparison and to find out the difference between GCP and AWS. So here is list for all of you as well.

Amazon Google Cloud
1 AWS (Amazon Web Services) has become one of the leading cloud providers
2 Simple email service and a content delivery network. Waiting from GCS to add
3 Above enables you to reach customers in other parts of the world
that aren’t otherwise reachable using other providers.
4 Google have superior network service due to using their own fiber network.
5 gateways through their network, which can sometimes enhance performance
6 Amazon uses elastic block storage with three different types:
Magnetic volumes, SSD volumes for general purpose, and IOPS SSD volumes.
Google’s storage, they use both standard and solid-state systems.
7 Amazon uses the latest encryption technology. They take security seriously as well with all your data getting encrypted in transit.
8 16TB capacity Each disk gets up to 10TB of storage
9 Amazon uses network ACL’s At Google, they use a firewall
10 ACL’s (access control lists), as well as security groups that get controlled by permissions. Firewall to regulate all outgoing traffic to assure hackers don’t infiltrate your data while it’s being sent to the cloud.
11 SLA:guaranteed a 99.95% uptime SLA:guaranteed a 99.95% uptime
12 The quantity and quality of the services available on AWS is extremely broad and wide, and it builds up a huge set of opportunities for many different needs. But if you want to train people on AWS devops/gotchas. Google cloud has started late to add services and yes it is getting pace.
13 IPv6 is not available natively in AWS Supported
14 AWS Lambda is Python 2.7 only, no Python 3 Lambda is supported to all version of Python
15 According to User Experience web UI to access services is very heavy and sometime separate browser for cloudwatch logs and S3 because the native UI is just bad.(Alternative is https://www.terraform.io/) Good Web UI.
16 AWS uses 2FA to validate users
17 ELB (load balancer on AWS) not have a fixed IP. An ELB can only be accessed over a DNS name, and the underlying IP can change every 60 second. ELB (Load Balancer) still has scaling problems. GCE has had load balancers with fixed IPs forever.
18 AMI only exists in a single region. All services on AWS are acutely region centric. It’s not possible to create a host with it in another region. It’s not even possible to take that existing AMI and push it to another region. Google is not region centric like that. It’s a lot easier to manage at planet scale.
19 Postgres RDS is a matter for some therefore RDS is one area where AWS is significantly better than many of their competitors. Google don’t have any equivalent offer on RDS
20 Message Bus: AWS will make your head spin with SNS, SQS, Kinesis, Kinesis Streams and Kinesis Firehose. GCP has only Pub/Sub which just works and is insanely scalable.
21 Google Cloud is If you want we to work on infrastructure that runs YouTube, Gmail and Google Analytics
22 AWS is at 2.6 billion GCP has quarterly revenue close to a billion, that includes Google apps for work and other SaaS services
23 GCE should be important to Google Amazon has a retail business on the side. Their profits are: 66% of Amazon’s profits last quarter are from its cloud biz.
24 AWS IAM policies are complicated and hard to navigate.
25 EC2/VPC (compute) didn’t have a simple NAT-instance until a few months ago


Hope you too have some points add on to above list. Please go ahead add to below comment section.


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