pyshark, tshark and wireshark installation…

Python wrapper for tshark, allowing python packet parsing using wireshark dissectors.


All Platforms

We are going to use python pip for installation if you dont have pip please follow below command to install pip:-

# sudo yum install python-pip

# sudo yum install python-wheel

Once done  install pyshark using pip:-

#pip install pyshark

Now install tshark as pip does not identify it we go with yum whatprovides tool:-

# yum whatprovides *tshark*

confirm tshark version once done:-

#tshark -v

Now install wireshark

#yum install wireshark

Now go to python shell and use below command to sniff into network:-

>>import pyshark
>>capture = pyshark.LiveCapture(interface=’eth0′)
>>cap = pyshark.FileCapture(‘/tmp/wireshark_pcapng_eth0_452017232hhjj)

Now do what you want to do with sniffing into network.

Note: I do not hold any damage if you do wrong things with your network or network service provider.

Its knife in your hand be careful.

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