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Apache Spot, the open source community to continue the fight against cybercrime…


Apache Spot, force Apache community in order to fight cybercrime.

Since Apache Spot earlier this year started at Intel and Cloudera, the momentum of the project is growing with Anomoli, Centrify, Cloudwick, Cybraics, eBay, Endgame, Jask, Streamsets, Webroot and other partners with the unanimous support.

Use Apache Hadoop to achieve unlimited scale log management and data storage, as well as with Apache Spark achiev near real-time machine learning and anomaly detection, network security and no new data analysis functions. With Apache Spot, we can do more effective use of technology provided by Big Data ecosystems, and can detect unknown network threats.

The Apache Spot open source community vision:

  • Comprehensive Network Security Center and open data model: Apache Hadoop provides a unified platform for all security institutions to collect and manage data. Apache Spot by Apache Hadoop provides a common data model of open networks, terminals and users. The open data model for the data-rich event provides a standard format, data integration across applications easier to implement in order to obtain comprehensive enterprise visibility, and the development of new analytical capabilities.
  • Collaborative Analysis: Cybercriminals always act together. Apache Spot the security industry will be able to collaborate. Leading network security data scientists have been doing for the Apache Spot code contributions, developed out of the box-type machine learning capabilities to help organizations use Apache Spark quickly discover anomalies and malicious behavior. When the discovery of new security threats, open data model ensures that Apache Spot can quickly share new analysis among the various institutions. By Apache Hadoop, institutions capable of comprehensive data set of historical operating data analysis to help identify security threats in the past omissions.
  • Foster a rich ecosystem of applications: With the continuous development of a variety of enterprise network security applications, Apache Spot on already has a strong partner ecosystem can play a role in accelerating development. Apache Spot mechanism may be used as a framework for analysis of network security, saving for the ingestion, integration, storage and processing time any number or type of security data on this development system, in order to devote more time to set up a data analysis found that cybercrime and the visualization.

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