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Sumo Logic : Log Management Tool


This is my first face off with “Sumo Logic”. If you want a quick introduction on “Sumo Logic”, this topic will be helpful without going into details documentation.

Sumo Logic designed to help you manage and analyze your log files. It has started out attempting to be a SaaS version of Splunk and have gone their own way as matured, but as a result of their beginnings, it is one of the most feature-rich and enterprise-focused SaaS log management tools.


Sumo Logic is a SaaS model, which means you’ll be setting up a communication out to the Sumo Logic cloud. Sumo Logic has two options for their collectors – hosted and installed.

Hosted collectors require no local install and are hosted by Sumo Logic directly. With a hosted collector, you will need to have AWS and add an S3 or HTTP source to upload your data to the collector.

For an installed collector, you will need to install it locally on a machine within your environment. Once you do so, you will need to configure the sources that will gather and send the logs to Sumo Logic. Installed collectors can work with sources like SSH, Syslog, and scripts. Sumo Logic works as a multi-tenant design, which helps prevent capacity and scaling limitations since it allows using multiple log sources to a single collector.


As far as SaaS log management tools go, Sumo Logic is one of the most feature-rich. As it was initially started as a SaaS version of Splunk, Sumo Logic has a good chunk of similar features. It is chock-full of features to reduce, search, and chart mass amounts of data. One of Sumo Logic’s main points of attraction is the ability to establish baselines and to actively notify you when key metrics change after an event, such as a new version rollout or a breach attempt.

Dashboard and Usage:

Sumo Logic uses a panel-based dashboard system and offer real-time data, but there are certain limits to the types of queries that can be seen in a dashboard. Creating panels is largely straightforward and simple. Most of the information is presented in a chart based manner.

Integrations and Plugins

Sumo Logic has applications targeted for specific large tools, including development automation tools, cloud platforms, OS platforms, and compliance and security tools.


Product Pricing varies with time so batter go to below link and have a more close look suits to requirement. It seems high scale can get quite expensive, but the entry level pricing is friendlier.

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