We just need to be better to each other before talking to AI


I’m not going to talk about statistics, machine learning, or AI, not even comparing any database which shows error made by AI work vs Manual work.

I believe that the fundamental problems of our time are ethical, not technological. If we can figure out that part, the technology should take care of itself.

I would love to live in a post-scarcity utopia where we all run around self-actualizing. I don’t think we need to give up AI to get there — in fact, I think technology will be the key that unlock the gates.We have to have the wisdom to pass through it with style and bring as many people as we can on the way. Otherwise we might find ourselves fighting for our place in line and possibly even annihilate ourselves in the process.

Yes, that is the answer. Sadly it seems unlikely since throughout history a large portion of the population remain cruel and uncaring. Many thousands of technologist are involved in making the weapons and targeting systems that are killing people across the globe. Seems unlikely they are going to wake up and decide to treat others better.

I think what AI really challenges is the value of man. AI do care for all of us but AI can do fairly irresponsible things with statistics, too.

My worry is that even if people decide to ethically develop AI, there will be those who disagree with those ethics and/or willingly ignore their conscience. I don’t see a way out short of a political revolution / bloodshed.

Our current world relies on the assumption that more people means more productivity/consumption, so more growth and stronger economy(It was true in case of China). With the potential emergence of more capable machines, this assumption may no longer hold. How to deal with the left behind society? Trying to find them new purposes of life? How can we make sure those new purposes won’t be automated in the future? Or if large portion of the population facing the problem of being jobless, is population growth/immigration still a positive thing? What about education? If we know that most of the people won’t be needed in the workforce any way, is education still something worth having, except for very basic common sense?

This all leads me to think that the future might be more static and less energetic one, yet it might be more affluent than ever. Machines are better at pattern recognition, that’s the big breakthrough, but there’s so much more to taking humans out of the loop than just that. It could also be more equal than ever, that most people might be under the care of some really intelligent system to spend their whole life, without really being required to achieve anything, but it will be OK, and will become the new norm.

At the end lets take an example of “Creativity”, Creativity can be automated but Creativity in world where you need thousands of hours of practice at a thing to be able to compete with others, creativity comes out of your available time to consume other people’s creativity, while you also need to be spending more time ‘being creative’ to keep your creative skill up. So we have time to being Creative and you know Time is Singularity.

Love each other before developing AI. Hope you remember what Program Smith in Matrix movie said, “…only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love”

Happy New Year 2017!!!!


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