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My advise for work under Zombie project and toxic workplace…

I would like to say that there’s a chance of salvaging the Zombie project but there probably isn’t and its not your fault. I have been in this kind of situation before but I would suggest that your course of action depends on your core morals. Here are few recommendations from my past to save your future:-

1. Do your job, find a better place switch.

2. If respect is not reciprocal in your project/company, quit.

3. If you get only canned questions, quit.

4. If questions are like machine guns without any followup, quit.

5. If your boss is asking IQ test other then project or work related stuff, quit.

6. If you don’t find quality work or smart people where they have done something you respect to, quit.

7. If you are in dubious proposition, like a “boss-less” company, quit.

8. You can switch into anthropologist mode and start studying the people who are dysfunctional. Find how how complete idiots maintain a lock on their power base, what techniques do they use if it is clearly not skill in their job.

9. In case if you felt in Zombie project and are in interview process, please just don’t consider bad mouthing about former employer. Bad mouthing former employers in an interview is totally not cool.

I join a wrong startup during such experience (I have been there for one month).


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