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Past and Future of Apache Kylin!!!

Short Description: Apache Kylin (Chinese: Kirin) appears, can solve the problems based on Hadoop. Article Apache Kylin origin In today’s era of big data, Hadoop has become the de facto standards, and a large number of tools one after another around the Hadoop platform to build, to address the needs of different scenarios. For example, Hadoop Hive is a data warehouse tools, data files stored on HDFS distributed file system can be mapped to a database table and provides SQL queries. Hive execution engine can be converted to SQL MapReduce task to run, ideally suited for data warehouse data analysis. […]

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A Step-by-Step Guide to HDFS Data Protection Solution for Your Organization on Cloudera CHD

  An enterprise-ready encryption solution should provide the following Comprehensive encryption offering wherever it resides, including structured and unstructured data at rest and data in motion. HDFS Encryption implements transparent, end-to-end encryption of data read from and written to HDFS, without requiring changes to application code. Centralized encryption and key management: A centralized solution will enable you to protect and manage both the data and keys. Secure the data by encrypting or tokenizing it, while controlling access to the protected data. This guide will help you through enabling HDFS encryption on your cluster, using the default Java KeyStore KMS. If […]

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Apache Shiro design is intuitive and a simple way to ensure the safety of the application…

Short Description: Apache Shiro’s design goals are to simplify application security by being intuitive and easy to use… Article Apache Shiro design is intuitive and simple way to ensure the safety of the application. Software design is generally based on user stories to achieve, that is, based on how users interact with the system to design the user interface or service API. For example, a user story will be displayed after a user logs on a button to view personal account information, if the user is not registered, it displays a registration button. This user story implies major application user […]