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JavaScript Issue resolution in JupyterLab Notebook

The graphs are not appearing in JupyterLab Notebook and the error message says “JavaScript output is disabled in JupyterLab”. At first, it seems that from Notebook itself I just need to enable it but few site says it Jupyterlab does not support it yet is frustrating. #matplotlib submodule pyplot import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np x = np.arange(0,100,0.5) y = 2 * np.sqrt(x) plt.plot(x,y) “JavaScript output is disabled in JupyterLab” So to solve this issue or enable extension first stop your notebook and use below command.  C:\Users\victor>jupyter nbextension enable –py –sys-prefix widgetsnbextension Enabling notebook extension jupyter-js-widgets/extension… – […]

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Almost Everything in Python!!!

A curated list of Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources. Inspired by awesome-php. Awesome Python Environment Management Package Management Package Repositories Distribution Build Tools Interactive Interpreter Files Date and Time Text Processing Specific Formats Processing Natural Language Processing Documentation Configuration Command-line Tools Downloader Imagery OCR Audio Video Geolocation HTTP Database Database Drivers ORM Web Frameworks Serverless Frameworks Permissions CMS E-commerce RESTful API Serialization Authentication Template Engine Queue Search News Feed Asset Management Caching Email Internationalization URL Manipulation HTML Manipulation Web Crawling Web Content Extracting Forms Data Validation Anti-spam Tagging Admin Panels Static Site Generator Processes Concurrency and Parallelism Networking WebSocket […]

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Python and Python bites

Python and Python bites “lambda”    Hi everyone, this article show you one powerful function in Python programming language called “lambda”. It can solve any small problem in single line code. So lets start the beginning of your interesting or may be future programming language. Anonymous functions created at runtime are known as lambda functions. The below line defines an ordinary function usage in python. >>def f (x): return x+42 >>print f(21) 63 For lambda functions, >>calc = lambda x: x+42 >>calc(21) 63   lambda definition does not include a “return” statement. It always contains an expression which is returned. Also […]