Leader in Me!!

Information cascade I learned a TON very quickly and everyday about completely new stuff, and was able to do so because I could easily feel the inertia and the help of my mentors profile and encouragements. A cascade reflex encouraged me to write blogs and articles on technology and I have completed 100 plus blogs in a years time. This was the time when I have involved myself into the likes/views/upvote/comments/badges on my blogs along with various other projects. I maintain rank 1st for complete one quarter at HortonWorks community. End of 2018 put me whole new situation and bring […]


Out of the Box(Why Women Live Longer than Men)

Fact is men enjoy life more but at the end winners are women because they always get extra bits of years(these bits are sometimes in GB of ten years of extra life compared to men). I am not subject matter expert but some questions around me lead to dig more and get few possible connections to life. Hope you’ll enjoy this article to have more understanding of life(after all we all have one). Below are the few factors that matter/contribute to women, as a group, live longer than men. 1. The death rates for women are lower than those for […]