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Approach to execute Machine Learning project, “Halt the Hate”…

Disclaimer: The analysis was done in this project touches a sensitive issue in India. So I never convince anybody to trust my model. A real human society is so complex that “all the things may be interconnected in a different way than in the model.” Imagine you are presented with a dataset of “Hate Crimes” in India and asked how to minimize these crimes by analyzing other factors. This is the problem I am taking in hand to solve and analyze with a minimum number of resources. Some can say that education and providing jobs to youth in India by […]


Fundamantals of Apache Spark…

You can view my other articles on Spark RDD at below links… Apache Spark RDD API using Pyspark… Tips and Tricks for Apache Spark RDD API, Dataframe API How did Spark become so efficient in data processing as compared to MapReduce? It comes with a very advanced Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) data processing engine. What it means is that for every Spark job, a DAG of tasks is created to be executed by the engine. The DAG in mathematical parlance consists of a set of vertices and directed edges connecting them. The tasks are executed as per the DAG layout. […]


AWS and GCE both great! Some more powerful configuration of load balancing puts GCE over the top…

I work with Hadoop so I come across or sometimes management ask me a common question, “Why we need Hadoop in cloud” and to answer this question I keep my bold points ready like below… Cloud is your data center, No need to deal with reliability & scaling issues. Pay What You Need. Deployed in Minutes. Cloud storage enables economic flexibility, scale, and rich features. Size clusters independent of storage needs and price continues decreasing. Geo-Redundancy allows for business continuity/disaster recovery planning. Now they move forward to ask me a detail comparison and to find out the difference between GCP […]

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HDFS is really not designed for many small files!!!

Few of my friends new to Hadoop ask frequently what the good file size is for Hadoop and how to decide file size. Obviously it should not be small size and file size should be as per the block size. HDFS is really not designed for many small files. For each file, the client has to talk to the namenode, which gives it the location(s) of the block(s) of the file, and then the client streams the data from the datanode. Now, in the best case, the client does this once, and then finds that it is the machine with […]