Apache Spark, open source

Apache Spot, the open source community to continue the fight against cybercrime…

Apache Spot, force Apache community in order to fight cybercrime. Since Apache Spot earlier this year started at Intel and Cloudera, the momentum of the project is growing with Anomoli, Centrify, Cloudwick, Cybraics, eBay, Endgame, Jask, Streamsets, Webroot and other partners with the unanimous support. Use Apache Hadoop to achieve unlimited scale log management and data storage, as well as with Apache Spark achiev near real-time machine learning and anomaly detection, network security and no new data analysis functions. With Apache Spot, we can do more effective use of technology provided by Big Data ecosystems, and can detect unknown network […]

Free Software, open source

‘Open source’ and ‘free software’

Its my Materialist vs Idealist thought going on here. If you not find it to your reality – be patience with my arguments. First of all what is the software and how the demand for software with respect to programmers change by time. Think back 20 years to a time when the internet was still a DARPA project and the web was but a glimmer in Tim Berners-Lee’s eyes. At that time, someone who could create software or build computers was pretty special. In fact, unless you worked for a software vendor or attended class in a computer science department, […]